Rules of the Game


Items are split into four different categories: weapons, armor, consumables, and special items. Everything in your inventory is automatically equipped, and you can't choose to switch gear.

Armor and special items are unique; you can wear a bronze helmet and a iron helmet at the same time, but not two bronze helments.

Item categories have a quantity limit. All items in a category are equal; platemail chest takes up the same space in your inventory as a feather cap.

Item limits are as follows:

  • Weapons: 1
  • Armor: 3
  • Consumables: 5
  • Special: Unlimited
Combat Rules

Two six sided dice are rolled on every combat turn. Dice rolls and calculations are all done on the website with a click of the mouse.

Short version

Bigger is better. A higher roll means you deal more damage and take less damage.

Long version

  • damage_to_player = (12 - roll) * enemy_combat_skill / player_combat_skill
  • damage_to_enemy = roll * player_combat_skill / enemy_combat_skill

That's the actual combat calculation I'm using.

To calculate the damage to the player, I'm subtracting the roll from twelve, and multiplying it by the ratio difference of the combat skill stat.

To calculate the damage to the enemy, I do the exact opposite. I'm multiplying just the roll by the reversed ratio difference of the combat skill stat.

It means that if you roll a twelve, you don't take any damage, as zero multiplied by a million is still zero. It also means that if you somehow rolled a zero, you also deal zero damage to the enemy. However, since you can't roll a zero with two dice, the minimum roll will be two, so the player has an advantage in the roll.

You hit each other at the same time. It's possible to kill each other.


You can choose up to two skill when you first create your character. Some skills are more useful than others for your particular situation.

You used to play in the woods alone as a kid. You know the trees, the grass, the rocks, and the dirt. You learned to read footprints in the dirt, and the story behind broken branches. This allows you to find objects that don't want to be found.

Sixth Sense
You know something isn't right. You don't know how you know, but you just do. Your gut is telling you the answer to the doubt that is in your head. It has never led you astray so far.

"All in", you declare as you throw your life's savings into the pot when all you have is a pair of twos. Years of poker have trained you to manipulate your facial muscles at will. You're good enough to bluff your way out of most situations or feign weakness to get your opponents to fall into your traps.

You're in, you're out, and nobody knows you were there. You know how to be invisible, whether in the woods hiding from monsters or in a castle hiding from guards.

Years of combat training have taught you how to patch yourself up. You know how to wrap bandages and make healing poultices out of herbs.

While others were out playing, you were inside reading and studying. You have more books than friends, and that isn't always a bad thing. Knowledge is power, and you want to hold all the cards.