Create New Character

Combat Rating

Roll the dice and then add another 8 to that number. This is your combat rating. The higher your number, the more powerful you are in combat.

Note: The 8 extra points will be added after character is created.


Now you roll for your health. Roll the dice and add 20 to that value and that number will be your health.

Note: The 20 extra points will be added after character is created.


You are a jack-of-all-trades and a master of a few. Here you can choose up to two skills that you excel at.


Cash has always been king, but you have recently lost favor with lady luck. Roll the dice once to see how much gold you have saved up.


You are also in possession of the family heirloom. Your ancestors have been here a long time and an object has been passed down through generations. To find out what that is, roll the dice and match the following item.

  1. Sword (Weapon) This adds 4 combat to your total.
  2. Helmet (Armor) This adds 2 combat to your total.
  3. Shield (Armor) This adds 3 combat to your total.
  4. Health Charm (Special) This adds 2 health points to your total.
  5. Family safe with 10 gold pieces (Gold)
  6. Crimson Orb (Special) Glowing red orb that nobody remembers where it came from or what it does.