A Free, Online, Interactive Gamebook

It was supposed to be just another day; wake up, work the fields, go to market, go back to sleep. Somehow it all got messed up.

A messenger comes to the village, bringing reports of bandits advancing. You offer to take on his mission to bring help, but how will you do it?

A dark wood separates your village from the capital, but it's not safe. A lot of people who enter never leave, and the lucky ones who do speak of a monster living there.

You can choose to take the main road around the wood, but it's a long way around and the enemy is advancing fast.

What is the nature of the monster prowling the woods? Can you travel the main road and return in time to save everybody?

You choose the adventure that you wish to have and endure the consequences of those actions. Always remember that human nature is unpredictable and that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

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